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Office Decommissioning and Furniture Liquidation

If you are a property manager for an office building or a retail location, defaults and lockouts happen. We can complete the liquidation and decommission of office space and retail stores fast. If you are stuck with desks, chairs, cabinets, and assorted office items that you don’t want, you need to clear the space quickly, decommissioning for leasing to your next tenant. We can help.

Do you have a retail location with a tenant that went out of business? Retail spaces are often stuffed with countertops, shelves, refrigerators, and display cases that need to be removed. We can help you with the decommissioning of your space. For retail stores, we can sell the assets out of your retail location or from our 45,692 square foot showroom.

We liquidate assets out of commercial spaces including office lockouts and retail locations. We can assist you efficiently to bring back your workplace to its original condition with our decommissioning services. Office Furniture Liquidations asset experts will analyze your items to maximize the price to get you top dollar while pricing the items to move. We also know how to market the assets for speed of the liquidation with full-time experts on staff to lead this effort. All marketing spends are deducted from the gross profit and not from our customers.

Office Furniture Liquidations is hired by CPAs for asset assessments, procurement, and consignments. We are the largest liquidation company in this part of the United States for office furniture, hotel, and home furniture. We also provide incredible decommission services. Our team moves fast with incredible systems and high-speed communications.

For specific decommissioning requirements, consult your lease contract and

Contact us today with your lockout or rent default to discuss opportunities to maximize your effectiveness and get your lease spaces back on the market via the texting platform on this page, email, or call (210) 265-6761.

Office Decommissioning FAQs

What is office decommissioning?

The essential purpose of decommissioning your office space is to return the area to its original condition, as stated by the property manager or the landlord. Your lease agreement should explain the terms of decommissioning your office space.

What is the purpose of decommissioning?

The purpose of decommissioning a building is to protect it and its systems, reduce ongoing costs and reduce hazards and other risks until deciding the future of the building.

What is decommissioning in real estate?

In the context of a real estate project, decommissioning is restoring a space after a tenant moves out. However, this can be a much more involved process for a real estate project than one might expect.

What is a decommissioning plan?

Decommissioning plan is the process of shutting down a building or removing it from operation or use.

What is the decommissioning phase?

Decommissioning is the last phase of such facilities' lifetime, following their design, construction, operation, and permanent shutdown. It comprises different administrative and technical activities whose purpose is to remove or minimize the facility's residual hazards after halting the business procedures.

How do you apply to decommission?

Depending on the extent and scope of the decommissioning required, it can involve:

- Disconnecting utilities to the building.
- Switching off the water supply and draining pipes.
- Considering the fire safety of the vacated building.
- Shutting down HVAC systems.
- Ensuring the roof and facades are weather-resistant.

How do you decommission equipment?

Depending on the extent and scope of the decommissioning required, it can involve:

- Creating a Log or Checklist to Document the Entire Decommissioning Process.
- Make Sure Critical Backups are Done.
- Disable Network & User Access.
- Wipe Sensitive Data Off the Hard Drives.
- Settle accounts of both debtors and creditors.