The Right Team, Right On Time

We have the experience to work smart and problem solve on the go.

We efficiently bring back your workplace to its original condition. We offer decommissioning for liquidations, commissions, moving, transitions, cubicle removal, and office clear outs.

We liquidate assets out of commercial spaces including office lockouts and retail locations. While the task may seem overwhelming, with proper planning and execution, it can be an opportunity for exciting change and positive growth.

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VOTED Best of the City 2021, 2022, 2023
Nan (left) and Erik (right) showing off OFL's Best of win for San Antonio, Texas
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For A Sustainable Future

With increasing eco consciousness, businesses and corporations are participating and more ways to positively impact the planet. Making moves towards sustainability affects:

  1. Conserving resources such as raw materials
  2. Reducing waste that otherwise would be disposed of in landfills, and recycling materials to be used again.
  3. Reducing energy use that would otherwise be used in manufacturing items from scratch and shipping them halfway around the world.
  4. Promoting a larger and curculating economy. A used desk may now be bought and used at non-profits and small start up business with limited budgets.
  5. An increase in positive social and corporate responsibility which in turn increases reputation.


Moving furniture is all about employing efficient strategies to make the process smoother, faster, and more effective. Instead of relying solely on strength alone, we consider planning, experience, preparation, and using the correct tools as key components of the move.

As with any move, unexpected changes and problems may arise. The ability to pivot and react quickly and effectively is crucial to any project. We pride ourselves on our ability to:

  1. Adapt and be flexible
  2. Communicate
  3. Identify potential problems
  4. Learn and apply experiences for the next project
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We Consign Furniture

The Hassle Free Option

When you let us do the selling for you, you  get the added benefits such as:

  1.  Profit Potential: Don’t pay to put your furniture in storage, let it pay you.
  2.  Hassle-Free: Let us do the work of selling for you!
  3.  Access to a Broader Market: Our marketing reach in Texas is boosted by our consistent posting on our social media channels and our 4.9 star review rating.

Hear what our clients have to say about us:

“"John, Chris and the team did an amazing job helping us remove and move a large amount of furniture from our space as we prepare to hand back a building. I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking."”

Greco FariaSenior Director of Project Management, Ibex Ltd