September 2018 -

Office Furniture Inventory

At Office Furniture Liquidations, we have over 45,000 square feet of merchandise including furniture, office decor, supplies, file cabinets, chairs, printers, copiers and technology acquired from office lockouts, move-outs and business closures.

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10 hours ago


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Amanda Garcia

2 days ago


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Donte Banks Tabitha Banks

Didnt we just lose this 70s stuff?

¿Dónde es?

Jen Earhart

Gunner Berryman

Rachel Venecia

Yenifer Cisneros

Karen Denise Alvarez-Hernandez

Fantastic choices and outstanding prices!

Michael Crain here is one that I was telling you about

Jeff N Dawn Penan

Wat price do the blue chairs have?

Annette Lugo

Sarah Washington

Any swopper chairs and if so how much?

Keri Tillmon

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1 week ago


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Letesha Newsom

Angeliz Ayala

Destiny Bowen I think this is the place

Arlene Colon Delacruz

Juan Carlos Ruiz

Katherine D. Montgomery here

Rhiannon S Garcia-Cardenas

Delia Perez

Micki Gamez Ray Magdaleno

Kiley let's go look

John Ethan Jutz Robert Prezas

Ashley Nimerick check this store out.

I have multiple items, can you give me an out-the-door total with delivery if you offer delivery. Please DM the total.

Monica Wilson

Andrew Brown I need a desk and we need a couch for the dining room

Kenny Hustlehard Evans

Dee Harbert-Mitchell πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Call me 210-214-2685

Melissa Longoria Peña

Isaiah Zertuche

Do you sell filing cabinets?

Do you have a way to deliver large pieces?

Susan Summerfield-Perez this for example. $19.99 per chair. Get 4 and matching sofas and we're done.

I am looking for an armoire with a pull out desk, yall have anything similar?

Eric Bohling

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2 weeks ago

New arrival!Image attachment


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How much for this and what are the measurements

3 weeks ago


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Martha Gomez-Vasquez

Nancy J. Brown for Cibolo office maybe?

Pedro Bless Barber Santana

any mirrors?

Lizzy Flores

Melissa Uribe tell Sean to get you a desk!

Carlos Audelio Alvarez

Amanda Smith

Jeffrey Holt ....lets go so I can replace the filing cabinet

Lucy Garza

Kelli Cadena

Raushanah Alcutt

LoRenna Torrez

Stephanie Lauren !!!!!!

Christopher Kyle Sanchez

Chris Brucker couple of nice looking and nice sized file boxes. Looks like most have locks too

Ariana GilesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Madi Kidder

Ania Villalva

Albert Hinojosa

I want a sofa recliner

Juan Rabago I want to go this weekend

We gotta go do i can’t get that computer out the corner lol

I knew I should have gotten that

Do you sell any corner three tier computer desk

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