Various Wool Rugs


Various Wool Rugs

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We have many sizes and styles. Come in and see!
Hand tufted New Zealand Wool.

Everything is HALF OFF Price as Marked in Store

Runners, various size: $39.99 $19.99!
Medium approximately 5′ x 8′: $99.99 $49.99!
Large approximately 8′ x 10′: $199.99$99.99!
Extra Large approximately 10′ x 14′: $299.99 $149.99! out the door, No delivery

Code: J2
For more information, please come to the store to check the availability and price.

Sizes that we (could) have:

2’6″D x 6’W
2’6″D x 8’W
2’6″D x 10’W
2’6″D x 12’W
2’6″D x 14’W
2’6″D x 16’W

Rectangle Rugs:
2’D x 3’W
3’D x 5’W
4’D x 6’W
5’D x 8’W
6’D x 9’W
8’D x 10’W
8’D x 11’W
9’D x 12’W
10’D x 13’W
10’D x 14’W
12’D x 15’W

3’D x 3’W
4’D x 4’W
5’D x 5’W
6’D x 6’W
8’D x 8’W
10’D x 10’W
12’D x 12’W