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10 Best Used Office Furniture Brands

Written by Melanie Price Carroll
January 2023

Here at Office Furniture Liquidations, we see a lot of used furniture come through in and out our doors. The following list is based on our experience on how well different brand’s furniture quality and design standards stand the test of time and continue to not only be useful, but also hold value for years to come.

10. Humanscale

Based out of New York City since 2007, Humanscale seeks to improve health and comfort with careful considered materials, and the idea that “good design achieves more with less.” In 2022, Humanscale was awarded Path Chair Best of Year for Environmental Impact. Their Humanscale Freedom chair aims to make adjustments intuitive, offering self-adjusting without manual knobs and levers.

Humanscale Products with a Following


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9. Vari

(Formerly VariDesk) Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2013 to help a colleague to alleviate back pain, Vari sets the standard for standing desk solutions. Vari also produces furniture, tables, active chairs, and a variety of products to help you keep moving throughout your day.

Vari Products with a Following


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8. Teknion & Global Furniture Group

Teknion and Global are Canadian manufacturers of contract and commercial furniture. Both companies are owned by the Feldberg family. Global Furniture Group has focused on manufacturing affordable, well-made office furniture since 1966. This brand is focused on creating quality products and valuable solutions.

In response to the changing technological working world, Teknion is one of Canada’s leading office furniture manufacturers because of its innovative design, level of customization and diverse product range.

Teknion Products with a Following


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7. Kimball International

Previously known as Jasper, Kimball craftsmanship stands the test of time with relevant commercial solutions for over 70 years. Turning ordinary spaces into extraordinary spaces with heart and meaning. It is the successor to W.W. Kimball and Company, the world’s largest piano and organ manufacturer at certain times in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Brands include:

  • Kimball
  • National
  • Interwoven, Etc.
  • Poppin
  • D’Style

Kimball International Products with a Following


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6. HNI Corp

Founded in 1947 in Iowa to employ veterans returning from World War II, HNI now empowers employees almost as shareholders, driving accountability for quality and integrity. They value social responsibility and inclusion in commercial furnishing solutions for campus and office.

Brands include:

  • Allsteel
  • Gunlocke
  • HBF
  • HBF Textiles
  • HNI India
  • HON
  • Lamex
  • Maxon

HNI Corp Products with a Following


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5. Keilhauer

Founded in 1981, this privately-owned furniture manufacturer in Toronto focuses on contracted design. Their purpose is to make work comfortable for everyone with integrity, creativity, and fun. They strive to be caretakers for future generations with sustainable solutions and light footprints.

Keilhauer Products with a Following


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4. Bernhardt Design

Since 1889, this family owned company builds high quality, high design furniture solutions in the United States with eight manufacturing facilities in the US and six offices overseas in 50 countries. Using uniquely beautiful materials and a high level of design aesthetic, Bernhardt furniture is readily recognized and sought after. The company sponsors a design course at the Art Center College of Design in LA, which partners with students to allow them the opportunity for their designs to go into real world production.


Bernhardt Products with a Following


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3. Haworth

This family-owned, private, global company is dedicated to long term goals and design lead research. They’ve created high-performing solutions since 1948. Haworth has partnered with numerous designers, including Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola since 2013. The company purchased Italian furniture groups in 2013 and 2014,  gaining a majority stake in several Italian design brands. In 2013, they launched Bluescape to support remote work with visual collaboration, wisely pre-preparing for a vision of an increasingly digital world.

“We recognized that our deep insight into the physical workplace could be translated into user experience in a virtual workspace,” — Dick Haworth

Brands include:

  • Cappellini
  • Cassina
  • Poltronan
  • JANUS et Cie

Haworth Products with a Following


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2. Herman Miller

You may know this boundary-pushing furniture company for the popular and award winning Aeron office chair, but Herman Miller has been designing for the modern office since 1923.
The company owns notable brands including:

  • Geiger International
  • Knoll
  • Design Within Reach
  • Colebrook Bosson Saunders
  • Dates Weiser
  • Edelman Leather
  • Holly Hunt
  • Hay
  • Maharam
  • Muuto

Herman Miller Products with a Following

  • Eames Lounge Chair Wood (1946) – designed by Charles and Ray Eames
  • Marshmallow sofa (1954) – designed by Irving Harper
  • Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman (1956) – designed by Charles and Ray Eames
  • Eames Aluminum Group Chairs (1958) – designed by Charles and Ray Eames
  • Eames Airport Seating – tandem sling seating found in Dulles and O’Hare and many other airports (1962), designed by Charles and Ray Eames
  • Equa 2 (1984) – designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick
  • Aeron Office Chair (1987) – designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick
  • Ergon 3 (1995) – designed by Bill Stumpf
  • Mirra 1 Office Chair (2003) – designed by Studio 7.5
  • Celle Office Chair (2005) – designed by Jerome Caruso


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1. Steelcase

Continuing to be a leader in commercial furniture for over 100 years, Steelcase offers a wide range of products from furniture to technology. In 2020, the company made a new set of environmental goals.

Brands include:

  • Turnstone
  • AMQ
  • Coalesse
  • Halcon
  • Orangebox
  • Smith System
  • Viccarbe

Steelcase Products with a Following


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