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Skip the landfill, liquidate with us

Property Liquidations San Antonio, TX

If you are a property manager or tenant of an office building or a retail location, defaults and lockouts happen. We can complete a property liquidation of office space and retail stores fast. If you are stuck with desks, chairs, cabinets, and assorted office items or the usual items that you don’t want, we can decommission, or liquidate and sell your assets.

image of man in green jacket loading desks onto a moving truck

Office Furniture Liquidations is hired by CPAs for tax assessments, procurement, and consignments.

liquidation before desks and chairs removed
liquidation after desks and chairs removed


We will research your assets and price to move while making the process easy and fast for you.



We have a company goal of keeping items out of landfill whenever possible so if you need reporting, a 501c3 donation, or just items removed and space prepared for your exit we have you covered. We have over 105,000 square feet for sales, storage and distribution ready for large or small liquidations.

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