Customer Reviews

Dominic V. Avatar
Dominic V.

They are familiar with space in your car and dimensions of their products. I thought my car would be too small to transport an office chair, but they assured me it would fit and it did!

Portia J. Avatar
Portia J.

They have great prices and excellent customer service.

Adrian Avatar

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable! The show room was closed due to the pandemic but a lot of merchandise was placed outside where I could shop. A staffer helped me look at several office chairs and showed me features on each one. I found a great office task chair in great shape and at a great price! I highly recommend OFL!!

Chantal Avatar

The show room is great. They have a amazing variety of items from furniture to art. Great items. The customer service crew is amazing. They were very helpful and helped us with all our needs. We will definitely be back.

Brandon O. Avatar
Brandon O.

Got a chair from these guys for my daughter and she loves it! And the Facebook Lives are awesome!

Carol C. Avatar
Carol C.

Great deal on coffee bar and credenza! They look great in my new home!

Reika Avatar

Super happy with my chair. lovely price! Super sweet individual who helped me out via messenger. quick and easy process!

Will D. Avatar
Will D.

Great service. Always has interesting items in the store. High quality and inexpensive. I live to look at everything they’ve got. You’ll never shop at a big box again.

Reika T. Avatar
Reika T.

Super happy with my chair. lovely price! Super sweet individual who helped me out via messenger. quick and easy process!

Barbara K. Avatar
Barbara K.

There are professional, very reasonable pricing! Safe & Clean!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rosie G. Avatar
Rosie G.

Great customer service, quick to respond on all questions asked. Amazing furniture at great prices.

Elena T. Avatar
Elena T.

I purchased my desk today and I was very happy. Great place to buy from and very economical. Thanks!!

Mechelyn H. Avatar
Mechelyn H.

I really enjoy shopping at Office Furniture Liquidations. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. They try their best to find out what you’re looking for and finds the perfect item that beat fits your needs. The prices are very reasonable for the top notch quality of the furniture. I always shop here first before going anywhere else simply because you get your money’s worth here. I am so glad I found this place. If you are looking for quality furniture and personal service, look no further, stop by online or at the store you won’t be disappointed.
Thank you Nan and Eric and the rest of your wonderful staff for always making our shopping experience a great one!!! You made online shopping so easy, I’ll be returning very soon 😋

Mary Avatar

Great store!! They sell quality furniture at low prices. They have very friendly employees with great customer service. They make it simple to pick up and pay online! Can’t wait until they reopen and get to go shop in person! Office Furniture Liquidations is becoming of my favorite places to shop for furniture and home decor!

James Avatar

I have purchased from them on several occasions and am always impressed with their furniture selection and friendly customer service. When I recently purchased a file cabinet I found out the interior was not the size they needed. They let me do an exchange with no issues. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Melissa B. Avatar
Melissa B.

Knowing that I would be working from home for the foreseeable future, I knew I had to get a better desk to work from. I caught Erik and Nan during a Facebook Live and they happened to show a desk that I thought would be perfect. I messaged them, they sent me a digital invoice and I picked it up today. Super easy and I was right... the desk is perfect. If you’re ready to upgrade your office furniture, you can’t beat the selection, price and service!

Kelly V. Avatar
Kelly V.

I highly recommend Office Furniture Liquidations for all of your needs. I've been watching their videos for about 2 months and thought they were such a fun and silly crew! I came to see just how nice their selections are in all categories of the store through their extremely detailed and informative videos- even on subjects outside of furniture... LOL! I have found myself working from home full time, as many of you have as well and was needing a High Quality- in it for the long haul- type of desk chair. I am a Trainer for USAA and have been in many Training rooms, Conference rooms, and other work areas of the building and we only have the best of all furniture in terms of comfort and style....so needless to say, I've grown to be picky! As I started the hunt for my new chair these guys went "Above and Beyond" as we say at USAA to help me pick the perfect chair for me and my needs, all while having to abide by City Regulations of closing the store to customers. Today I paid online and picked up my new chair during Lunch which was a quick and easy process! As soon as I got home I couldn't wait to try it out and LET ME TELL YOU, I'm talking INSTANT RELIEF and a G A M E C H A N G E R!! I couldn't be Happier, and am upset I waited this long to get it!! Thanks guys- I'll be back for the desk soon!!♡♡

Ian A. Avatar
Ian A.

Great prices and Great products

Celia M. Avatar
Celia M.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place!! Can’t wait for it to open back up inside! Want to shout it from the rooftops but don’t want the competition to get my favs! 😆. Hoping for more summary snaps of their current inventory with prices but like the videos when not pressed for time. EXCELLENT customer service, FANTASTIC prices, WONDERFUL finds, SILLY 😜 guys. Can’t wait until I retire to try all sorts of projects with the abundance of resources available here! 5 ⭐️ Find! They are a 💎 gem!

Bianca R. Avatar
Bianca R.

Every purchase I make from OFL has been worth it! Such friendly staff and great products. I have used some of products I purchase in my DIY projects, which I will be sharing sometime soon.

Danielle G. Avatar
Danielle G.

Erik and his staff are great! Courteous and helpful! You will be treated well shopping here!

Kristeen G. Avatar
Kristeen G.

Our business has purchased approximately 8 items. Never disappointed. I’ve been shopping with Eric since he was located at his original location. This new location is so convenient and easy to shop. Their customer service is 2nd to none. Their videos are informative, hilarious and addicting.

Mary N. Avatar
Mary N.

I picked up this great chair at a great price. It is so comfortable. I received quick responses to my online inquiries. The pick up process was quick and easy. I will definitely be back to browse the store.

Stephan M. Avatar
Stephan M.

When my company went into Work From Home mode quick, my brother referred me here and said he got some absolute steals for his WFH office. Boy was he right. Their selection was a a treasure trove of bargains and without these guys my wife and I would not be comfortably working from home today. I bought the wife a desk, an office chair, and desk lamp. Each purchase the guys have been quick to respond on social media with answers, pics, and great service. If you still need WFH items...look no further.

Bonnie H. Avatar
Bonnie H.

I ❤️ my home office furniture. I wish I had bought two granite tables instead of one. Great service and prices. 💯 % Recommended

Lydia D. Avatar
Lydia D.

I bought a very nice filing cabinet that we are using as a dresser. They have wonderful furniture!

Elise R. Avatar
Elise R.

I Purchased a desk for my office and several chairs! The quality of the products were excellent. The staff were friendly and polite. And I was able to negotiate a really great deal! I would highly recommend checking them out before you purchase from a big box store!

Cathy B. Avatar
Cathy B.

Great staff, selection, & pricing!
If you are needing furniture to work from home, like I did, please see them!

Mohamed G. Avatar
Mohamed G.

it is the friendliest people you will ever meet.
no salesman attitude.
they feel like family to me

Monica R. Avatar
Monica R.

Awesome customer service and friendly

Dode G. Avatar
Dode G.

They made buying a single chair fun! That was all I needed was a one chair and they spent 45 mins with me .......for one chair. Fun people, great prices, and incredible service. Give them a try.

Jen Avatar

Fast and professional!!
Everything is organized for easy shopping. Tons to choose from. Everything is clean with minimal stains. Those with stains are marked down to even more amazing prices!!! I scored an office chair and floor mat for it. I'll be telling everyone about Office Furniture Liquidations! Especially for those needing to work or do school from home during this pandemic.
Thank you for amazing deals

Jeff K. Avatar
Jeff K.

Been here twice. Both times the employees were very friendly and helpful, and left me plenty of room to look around. They also didn’t mind my kids climbing all over everything (looking, not destroying!). I got a Steelcase chair with little wear for $29.99 (would be over 1k new).

Rebecca H. Avatar
Rebecca H.

We love this place!! We’ve been there five times total in the last two months. 4/5 times we visited, we left with something great. We’re planning on going back tomorrow!

Jack Avatar

I plan to do a lot of work from home, so I wanted a quality adjustable chair. Picked up a used Neutral Posture 8000 series chair for $130 that costs close to $1k new. Great deal! Lots of selection (I know it varies). Friendly, helpful, no-pressure staff. I was in and out with chair purchase in less than 10 minutes if you don’t count the other furniture window shopping I did while there. They also have great deals on desks, etc.

J Avatar

This was my second visit this school year. I returned because they sold me a great chair for my desk at the beginning of the school year for about $40. I looked the chair up when I got home and they retailed new for over $200. The only blemish was a small (less than 1") area where the material had been rubbed with something that caused the fabric to fuzz up a bit. Today I needed some alternative seating chairs for my classroom and they didn't disappoint. They have a "scratch and dent" section of chairs that look rough but are still very serviceable. I got two rolling chairs for less than $12. That's garage sale prices! The selection is massive and you can spend a little if you don't mind some cosmetic issues or find a high-end desk that you would find in a fortune 500 CEO's office. I would also recommend shopping here for a college student's furniture or just to deck-out your first apartment on the cheap. Everything but the bed can be found if you aren't too picky. Take the time to look through the whole store, and you will probably find what you are looking for at a fraction of the price of a new. If you are a teacher, don't forget to bring your school ID for the $20 discount.

Trish G. Avatar
Trish G.

Off the charts customer service. Nan wandered around with me (at my request) for some time while I really just gathered intel in options for my home office. He was informative, friendly, helpful, relaxed and all about customer service. I will definitely be back

Cisco O. Avatar
Cisco O.

I've been here several times and the staff goes out of their way to make sure you are satisfied with your selection.
This goes from Erik and Nan to the guys on the loading dock. Nothing but great service.
To everyone at Office Furniture Liquidations,
Thanks for your help with everything !!
If I needed more furniture I'd be back because I'm much more than satisfied with my purchases.
Thanks again for your great service and may the Lord continue to bless your business. And Thank you for setting aside the Bibles for me. God bless you all.

Jan L. Avatar
Jan L.

Office Furniture Liquidations has a myraid of solid wood, and leather furniture at super great prices. After browsing the more than 45,000 square feet store I'm convinced, that's the store I need to shop because of it's quality and value.

Carol R. Avatar
Carol R.

These guys are as much fun as they are as much serious about what they do here. They sell office furniture...some old treasures and some brand new necessities. These guys are fun to work with-I mean, find me men of passion who return to work everyday with more passion!
And I believe that they should have “Happy Hour Twilight Sales” with featured pieces where people can come for wine or beer and explore their own inner DIY talents. Overall, groovy place. Five stars.

Cammie T. Avatar
Cammie T.

Awesome finds and super friendly, helpful staff!

Fred W. Avatar
Fred W.

Wow what an Experience. This is an Awesome place to purchase office furniture such as chairs, desk, bookcases and credenzas. Ask for Nan the bearded wonder. This dude will have you in stitches. Watch the videos...... Hilarious 😂

Natasha R. Avatar
Natasha R.

Massive selection. Great layout. Customer service that's second to none. Seriously the friendliest and most helpful people. Looking forward to going back.

Joci L. Avatar
Joci L.

Great customer service. No pressure at all. Just walked around and when I saw what I wanted they put my name on it. Loaded it in the back of my vehicle. Answered all my questions. Everything went smoothly.

Krin V. Avatar
Krin V.

Great staff, no pressure, reasonable prices!

Christine N. Avatar
Christine N.

Can’t beat $20! Thanks so much!! 🤩☕️The best part was I paid online and just picked it up. Similar concept to retail stores like Target. The only think I would suggest is extended hours so that the working man/woman can pick up items.

Cory C. Avatar
Cory C.

I love this place! Great finds for a DIY crafty-type human.

Nick Avatar

I bought my new office desk from Advanced Liquidators. Eric was very helpful with the ordering process. His team came out and set up my desk in the exact location and were fast and courteous. The desk looks great and i am a happy customer. Would recommend to others for new or used office furniture.

Helen T. Avatar
Helen T.

I love to stop in and check out the latest options of furniture. You can't wait when you see what you want though you have to snatch it up right then or it will be gone. Things are always changing out with the old and in with the new. Hurry up don't wait to stop by.

Kristen H. Avatar
Kristen H.

Very helpful and friendly staff!

Cel Z. Avatar
Cel Z.

I got the perfect desk for my makeup studio for only $19.99 and it has 3 electric outlets built right I tot the table!

Ashlie D. Avatar
Ashlie D.

WARNING! This place is CRAZY. Crazy GOOD prices, people, and OUTSTANDING customer service. If you shop here you will be disappointed by every other store you visit after this one because no one can compare. These guys are top notch. Consider yourself warned. 😉

Dee J. Avatar
Dee J.

I have found great items for my home office. I find myself staying in my offices even after I get off work. GREAT prices I tell everyone looking for funiture or office what not's that they had to go there.

Victoria Z. Avatar
Victoria Z.

We enjoyed the diverse item options, friendly staff and great prices! 😊 Definitely going back! Made the move to San Antonio even more fun! Thanks everyone!

Ariyaporn T. Avatar
Ariyaporn T.

It is worth a trip to stop by. It’s filled with variety of stuff with reasonable prices. Their staff are really friendly and willing answer any all question.

Adriana A. Avatar
Adriana A.

Second time purchasing from Office Furniture Liquidations. Extremely pleased with our purchases and will be coming back as we fresh different parts of our house!

Dana M. Avatar
Dana M.

This store is great. Everyone is helpful and friendly. And the prices are awesome. I bought a side table, a desk, and a desk chair for under 60.

Villarreal N. Avatar
Villarreal N.

Very friendly staff and lots of great items. Staff helped me locate what I was looking for.

Cynthie W. Avatar
Cynthie W.

Amazing prices on interesting and unusual pieces. Furniture and artwork. And the staff is exceptional! Everyone was friendly, helpful and courteous. I could not recommend more highly!

Felicia M. Avatar
Felicia M.

I have been watching the videos the past 3 weeks, finally had a Saturday to go! What a great place to find great deals! Got some great deals and will be going back!

Carlos G. Avatar
Carlos G.

Always a great experience when we shop here! The extremely helpful staff, unbeatable prices and high quality furniture are the reasons we shop there! I had my kids with me and they did not want to leave the little play area that was set up for them! Highly recommend this great business for all your office/home furniture needs!

Jose G. Avatar
Jose G.

Very helpful staff. Love watching a video, sending a message then getting an invoice and getting a great deal!! Thanks!!

Kimberly J. Avatar
Kimberly J.

My husband and I purchased a coffee bar. He picked it up yesterday. I love it!, We were in last Saturday, and everyone we spoke with was friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back.

Robyn M. Avatar
Robyn M.

Fun place! Lol!!! Awesome staff! Loved the cascading stairs! Felt like Royalty on them! Huge selection! Found & bought what i was looking for and got a little something extra for my music wall!🎶 Fell in love...with a sofa & loveseat💚💙
So much to see! Would recommend!

Alyssa C. Avatar
Alyssa C.

excellent staff, everyone is very helpful and friendly. Would recommend to everyone

Norma T. Avatar
Norma T.

The staff is so helpful and friendly. They greet you and offer assistance from the moment you walk in the door. Some of the deals are almost too good to believe. I just bought 2 huge frames for only $4!!!!!

Jon L. Avatar
Jon L.

Great prices on quality furniture coupled with friendly staff and amazing service.

Jennifer D. Avatar
Jennifer D.

Everyone at the store was super helpful and friendly. We have come here many times for furniture and file cabinets for the house. I also love coming here for office stuff for my classroom!

Belle S. Avatar
Belle S.

Friendly staff, great environment. Fairly priced.

Enjoyed the experience!

Larry H. Avatar
Larry H.

I really like this place. The entire staff is very helpful and friendly. You honestly can't find furniture of this quality at these prices anywhere. I was finally able to get a real office desk w/chair, work desk for my daughter, a locker for my sons room and a bar w/mini fridge for the game room. I'll definitely be back for things in the future!

Laura R. Avatar
Laura R.

Great customer service. Great prices!

Daniel H. Avatar
Daniel H.

Awesome people to work with and great values!

Sonia D. Avatar
Sonia D.

Nice furniture. Good prices.

Whitney W. Avatar
Whitney W.

VERY Friendly staff, 5 star customer service, great selection for just about anything you are looking for besides maybe bedroom furniture. Furniture is all in great shape with unique styles & colors for any taste.

Joel H. Avatar
Joel H.

Always this best service and ever changing selection! Can’t beat these prices anywhere in SA!!!

Stacey Y. Avatar
Stacey Y.

Great prices & service!

Tatiana Z. Avatar
Tatiana Z.

Love this place very good deals super low pricing I bought a table as well as lamps that are gorgeous and in great condition I will be heading back to buy more I love this store plus everyone was so helpful and nice great people❤️

John A. Avatar
John A.

The value at this place is insane !!! Forget tha cheap presswood crap ... this furniture is top line, substantial and will last a lifetime !! Blemishes are negligible and if the "blems" bother you, refinish the piece !! I am elated with the quality of workmanship of the desks, credenza, and bookshelves are fantastic ... you won't be disappointed !! The people are friendly and eager to help and there is absolutely NO SALES PRESSURE !! Do yourselves a favor and check out this gem of a place !!!!! Check them out on Facebook !!

John Chemycz

Sonja P. Avatar
Sonja P.

great customer service and value. I've made a few purchases and am so happy I found this place.

Annette L. Avatar
Annette L.

Great furniture inventory at amazing prices. I used to but from other stores. But OfficE Furniture Liquidations is my go to store for furniture & equipment for a couple of non profits I work with.

Bob L. Avatar
Bob L.

I highly recommend folks to check out this place before investing in high priced items. We have gotten some extremely good buys here, just recently the vacuums.
The staff are so very helpful.
We will continue to follow on Facebook and are excitedly waiting to hear about the next good deal!

Diana C. Avatar
Diana C.

Good selection, great prices, and great staff.

Carroll J. Avatar
Carroll J.

friendly people awesome prices great quality I keep going back I love this store and I recommend anyone who needs something unique different they even have great vacuum cleaners almost brand new for $30 a large one it was a Red Devil I bought chairs and a cabinet with a granite top for $30 great great store.
I highly recommend this store and everyone was very friendly and helpful.

Jonnie C. Avatar
Jonnie C.

Friendly and attentive folks.

Lauren K. Avatar
Lauren K.

Great experience and great pricing! We will definitely be back!

Robby K. Avatar
Robby K.

Great experience and very friendly people!!

Alicia M. Avatar
Alicia M.

Came here looking for some end tables and lamps, wow! Everyone was so nice and helpful, no hovering whatsoever. Found the end tables, lamps and more. Everything is priced to sell - amazing deals. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

Windi S. Avatar
Windi S.

My husband came here today looking for a specific type of chair for his father, and found exactly what he wanted. Everyone at the store was super helpful and super friendly. The pricing was excellent. Highly recommend them.

NormaJo P. Avatar
NormaJo P.

What a great place! Clean quality merchandise. The staff is super helpful!

I will be back!

Sany G. Avatar
Sany G.

I got almost all of my furniture from here and I loveee itttt! I own a small neighborhood skincare/massage spa and love the retro vibe I have going on here with the furniture I got from Office Furniture Liquidators. I recommend everyone to them every time I get a client who compliments the front office furniture I have💕

Alma V. Avatar
Alma V.

so much to like!! wish I had a bigger house to fill!!

Sarah B. Avatar
Sarah B.

OMG at the deals you can find!!!!!!

Leslie B. Avatar
Leslie B.

Good shopping experience. Large store so plan to spend some time browsing.

Carla K. Avatar
Carla K.

Love this store. Furnished our complete office with great bargains. From Eric helping make selections to the wonderful delivery guys he suggested it was a painless process. Thank you!!!

Kay C. Avatar
Kay C.

Good experience. No pushy sales but helpful folks. Huge selection!

Jessika L. Avatar
Jessika L.

The staff is amazing and very helpful, they help you load everything in your car and is very quick

Eva H. Avatar
Eva H.

Found a pretty chair and ottoman and a floor lamp. Such good prices. I will definitely go back.

Harmony G. Avatar
Harmony G.

Always have a great experience with the staff and products. been 3 times already and will go back again!

Andy C. Avatar
Andy C.

Wonderful staff and some quality products and a phenomenal price. I’m a small business owner and OFL helps to keep my operating expenses down. 5 ⭐️

Christopher B. Avatar
Christopher B.

Great selection, incredible pricing, and friendly customer service. I highly recommend office furniture Liquidations for all your furniture needs. whether used or new, you can't beat the prices.

Matt K. Avatar
Matt K.

This place was AMAZING!!! And I never took a step in the store. I responded to their Facebook live videos and asked a couple questions, within minutes we discussed all that I saw I wanted and used facetime for them to show me them again and discuss. They sent me an invoice immediately and I paid it online. At that time we facetimed again and I picked out each item and they tagged it right away. Two days later I had it picked up and even had some more things added to our trip facing timing again. They help load us up and back on the road. EASY AS IT CAN BE WITH QUALITY ITEMS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Keep up the videos you never know what else I can use. NAN is the MAN!!!!

Faith H. Avatar
Faith H.

Good pricing , no salesman following you pressuring thou the staff is very friendly and helpful ! I give them 5stars all the way .

Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.

I shopped at your store last week all the employees were very helpful they carry your items out to your vehicle and the prices are outstanding. I will be shopping there again

Melissa D. Avatar
Melissa D.

Definitely recommend! 5 stars all the way!!! So happy my brother told me about this place. Staff is great and love the variety of furniture with great prices. I bought some end tables for my guest bedroom and some great lamps. Will be back soon for some shopping.

Denise W. Avatar
Denise W.

So friendly, no pressure. Great layout. Amazing prices. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Rebecca O. Avatar
Rebecca O.

I have been to the store several times and have found a good quality desk, floor lamps, adjustable desk chairs, a bookcase and framed art at very reasonable prices. I would highly recommend this store!

Cindy R. Avatar
Cindy R.

Found exactly what we were looking for at a great price.

Kelly A. Avatar
Kelly A.

Much more than office furniture! Fabulous service and prices! Highly recommend!!!

Suzanne A. Avatar
Suzanne A.


Michelle R. Avatar
Michelle R.

I found this amazing mirror that hangs on the wall and can hide away a tv!! The price was ridiculous in a good way. LOVE THIS PLACE ❤

Johnny N. Avatar
Johnny N.

These guys are AWESOME! Great deals on the highest quality office furniture in town. They are very responsive through text and messenger and will work with you. I’ve been a customer before they got this fancy building and will continue to be one. Thanks again.

Tito G. Avatar
Tito G.

Great selection at great prices.

Adja F. Avatar
Adja F.

Great price love this place

Ruthie T. Avatar
Ruthie T.

Love the special pieces I’ve purchased!

Kathy H. Avatar
Kathy H.

Excellent quality merchandise for great prices. Excellent, experienced, and knowledgeable leadership (owner and family). And the sales and office staff are outstanding. I’ve been purchasing items from this business for over 5years and I have no complaints!

Yoli R. Avatar
Yoli R.

Great furniture for office and home. It's hard to decide what i want with the great low prices and huge selections. I want it all! Stop by and check it our for yourselves! You won't be disappointed!

Jennifer Z. Avatar
Jennifer Z.

Interesting finds. Always helpful staff.

Lupita C. Avatar
Lupita C.

Great place to shop..Staff very friendly and helpful. Highly recommend this place to family and friends. See you soon !!

Marina D. Avatar
Marina D.

The prices are great! The quality is second to none. The staff is exceptional. Thanks Erik, Tom, Nan and Irene.

Roni C. Avatar
Roni C.

I saw the fb live, saw what I wanted, went to the store on my lunch break, was greeted by friendly staff, bought what I wanted and still had time to pick up my lunch! 🍴

Mark H. Avatar
Mark H.

Great selection of office furniture, very reasonable pricing. My sales guy, John was fantastic, no pressure and full of information. Best of all was the entire Team attitude, Counter Staff to the guys who helped load up, were fun to deal with, if that is possible for furniture sales. Will be sharing with my business associates and will be back!

Pamela F. Avatar
Pamela F.

I have purchased 3 lamps a mini fridge sometimes I just go to look.. If you are young and starting out there is plenty at very low costs.The staff are friendly and always willing to help!! friends were visiting from Dallas they purchased a mini fridge to take home with them.

Andy B. Avatar
Andy B.

They have a great inventory spread out in a sensible manner so you are no wandering. The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Overall, they are great and will be back if I find anymore needs for myself or family.

Choco M. Avatar
Choco M.

Whenever I am looking for anything for my office, this is the first place I stop. Furniture is always top quality and the price is always economical. If you are a small business owner and need furniture to fill your office, stop at Office Furniture Liquidations first.

If you need health and life insurance, call me.

Ashly B. Avatar
Ashly B.

The quality of the products and low prices were unbeatable! The staff was so friendly and helpful. They moved three very large and heavy mirrors so I could pick out just the right one! They also have much more than just office furniture!

Sandra F. Avatar
Sandra F.

Great store! Fabulous customer service!! Wide selection of products!!

Ana P. Avatar
Ana P.

I found a great office chair at a great price! Also I found some other things that I wasn't looking for but I couldn't pass the amazing discounts. Check them out for sure!

Destini C. Avatar
Destini C.

This place is amazing!!!!

Margie H. Avatar
Margie H.

it's a very friendly environment people that work there are great and greeting customers and asking if they need any help at any times just to ask them they have variety beautiful stuff

Melanie G. Avatar
Melanie G.

I drove everywhere and ended up purchasing from Office Furniture Liquidators because they had the best prices, the best quality and the absolute BEST customer service.

Heather L. Avatar
Heather L.

Great place for hidden treasures bring your imagination. Staff is friendly helpful and easy to work with!

Debbie R. Avatar
Debbie R.

Very helpful customer service and great quality furniture!

Sonya B. Avatar
Sonya B.

Awesome prices/ inventory and Great Customer service

Jennifer J. Avatar
Jennifer J.

I picked up these beauties from Office Furniture Liquidations. You might not think this orange would work but they’re PERFECT!
I was greeted at the door and everyone was super friendly but not pushy! Great prices as well! I’ll keep an eye out for more as time goes by. Wonderful place to peruse.

Cassandra H. Avatar
Cassandra H.

very good customer service great quality items for great prices

Ruby O. Avatar
Ruby O.

Nice place wonderful staff from begaing to the end very helpful.

Jenn A. Avatar
Jenn A.

Super surprised by the amount of inventory they have! Everything is very reasonably priced. Plus the service is phenomenal. I definitely recommend stopping in if you want to do some remodeling to a room in your home or if you need office furniture. Unique stuff!

Sandra J. Avatar
Sandra J.

Wide variety of furniture available
Lots of inventory to select from
Staff courteous and very helpful
Furniture is of great wuality

Ian J. Avatar
Ian J.

Welcoming atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, huge selection of merchandise. They made decorating my office a wonderful experience! 5 stars!!!!

Brandy S. Avatar
Brandy S.

We have been wanting to come check this place out for weeks. Today we finally did and I was impressed. We found so many things we needed! I was concerned it might be a wasted trip as we came from Kerrville and it's hard to get away for a day, it was NOT a wasted trip. The staff were all really nice and helpful. They were not annoying and pushy like many people in sales can be. The gentleman (cannot remember his name) told us were things were, showed us some great items and marked things we wanted. When we got what we needed everything was already gathered up and the guys even loaded everything. I will definitely be going back. We got items for our front lobby and much needed computer chairs, next it will be a couple of desks to redo the offices.

Kevin S. Avatar
Kevin S.

10 Stars!! This place ROCKS!! There are so many great deals and awesome items, you need to bring a trailer or moving truck to load up!! we drove in from out of town to get some fantastic pieces for our school and we can't wait to come back again!

The service, the quality and the prices are out of this world awesome!!

Christa G. Avatar
Christa G.

This place is awesome! Great selection and reasonable pricing. The employees were very kind and helpful. They weren’t annoying and trying to push sales, instead they were conveniently around when I was ready to make a purchase. They gladly loaded my products in my truck and I was extremely happy with my purchase and experience. Going back for sure ASAP! Save yourself some money and check them out before you order that very expensive desk, printer, etc... you will save BIG bucks and get the same product.

David G. Avatar
David G.

Great prices and great selection.

Mark J. Avatar
Mark J.

This place is amazing the stuff is great also

Jennifer R. Avatar
Jennifer R.

Fell in love with everything! We just bought our first home and the things we picked out just ties everything together! Can’t wait to come back and get more!!!

Valerie M. Avatar
Valerie M.

Highly recommend Office Furniture Liquidations esp if you're a teacher. Desks, lamps, Keurigs are very inexpensive, but high quality. I will be back for an L-shaped desk for my classroom. ❤

Jesse B. Avatar
Jesse B.

have furnished my 3 companies with furniture from here, quality furniture at great prices

Viola R. Avatar
Viola R.

This is my go to place for anything I need in my home. Everyone is very friendly in person and on the phone. Having sever arthritis makes it difficult for me to get out and shop. It is very comforting to knowing that I don't have to miss out because I can pay for what I want to purchase over the phone or ask them to send me an invoice and pay online. Thank you very much.

Aasia F. Avatar
Aasia F.

Came in today bought office chairs and a few other thing wonder prices and super helpful staffing. Definitely will be returning soon... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ service Thanks

Mau D. Avatar
Mau D.

We always have a great experience buying our office furniture here. They have great customer service and quick response responses to our needs. I highly recommend Office Furniture Liquidations.

Joseph B. Avatar
Joseph B.

Great laid back sales team coupled with quality items in relatively good condition at discount rates. Also caring "loaders" who help you load and strap down your items. Be sure to give the guys in the back a tip as I have been to many places where they just load you and don't care about messing up your items or even bother helping you secure them.

FaustinaJ'errine K. Avatar
FaustinaJ'errine K.

everybody was super nice, helpful and awesome. great prices for cool stuff...just left there with my furniture!!!!

Lorraine J. Avatar
Lorraine J.

I purchased two beveled mirrors. The staff was very helpful. I was so excited about my purchase I forgot to tip the guys for loading them for me. I will give extra on my next visit!!

Ruth M. Avatar
Ruth M.

Great staff and fantastic items whether you need business, office, or some home furnishings!
The staff? So nice and incredibly helpful!

Todd S. Avatar
Todd S.

Great place to find commercial grade office furniture at fraction of new.

Sara C. Avatar
Sara C.

This place is amazing, I finished furnishing my office, as I dream it, it was great quality, first class office furniture, used and also new, great varity and to all budgets, all the staff is amazing, this is my second visit to this place and will go back again and again
Reasonable prices, excellent customer service and delivery is a breeze with the company they recommended,
Congratulations on your store,! next time, you will be time two times bigger if you continue with the business like it is!

Raquel M. Avatar
Raquel M.

They have been very helpful. They have awesome prices. However, this last time they went above and beyond. I thought I only needed one chair for my home office that I share with my daughter. Had a particular modern chair in mind.. wasn’t quite what I needed as it turns out. I found some wing back chairs that I liked yet were not the look I was going for but just couldn’t pass up on the price. I was going to buy one but the owner made me such a great deal on the second that I bought them both for the same price I was going to pay for the original chair that drew me into the store. I took them home and as it turns out they were perfect and now my daughter and I each have our own chair in our little reading nook. Thank you!!!

Brittany N. Avatar
Brittany N.

I highly recommend Office Furniture Liquidators, especially for teachers looking at affordable flexible seating options. They were very patient while I looked through the multitude of options available, and helped me make table seating a reality for a tiny fraction of the cost of anything I could have found brand new. These table bases and storage cabinets that used to be in hotel rooms downtown have made my Harry Potter classroom complete! ⚡️

Surry Avatar

Eric was very helpful and friendly

Jesse S. Avatar
Jesse S.

I was in need of a couple of office chairs, first time going here, the service was excellent. Lots of help and found exactly what I needed at a great price over 80% off of retail. All the furniture that I looked at were quality items. I ended up also buying a desk the prices were so low. Don't hesitate to go there. You will not be disappointed. Thank you, Office Furniture Liquidations!!!❤️

Melissa N. Avatar
Melissa N.

Very helpful people & great deals.

Lindsey H. Avatar
Lindsey H.

Great customer service - polite enough to let me know they were there if I needed them, but let me browse at my own pace! Once I made my selections, they were fast to get me checked out and loaded up! Awesome!

Stephan P. Avatar
Stephan P.

great Funiture for a great price!

Stardust A. Avatar
Stardust A.

There's so much stuff! Not all office stuff...but home stuff too! and the prices can't be beat! I got a hanging mirrored cabinet to hide my tv and absolutely love it! I can't wait to come back and see what I find next!

Rebecca S. Avatar
Rebecca S.

love this place! I've gotten a few pieces here. the new location is awesome and same great service! thank yall!

Ayanna H. Avatar
Ayanna H.

Friendly and helpful staff! Great prices !! I am completely satisfied with my purchase!!

Renee M. Avatar
Renee M.

This is a great place to supply a home or corporate office. Great prices, selection, service and adorable family business.

Megan M. Avatar
Megan M.

Super Great Prices!!!!! Awesome staff!!! Thank you!!!!

Debra L. Avatar
Debra L.

OMG, this place is awesome. I've not seen any place that beats their prices, and their inventory is high quality with lots of modern furniture that I love. Service is great. Folks are super helpful without being overbearing. I'm going back repeatedly. 🙂

Nicole R. Avatar
Nicole R.

Great selection. Helpful, friendly team!

Gina S. Avatar
Gina S.

They always have interesting inventory and great prices and the service can’t be beat!

Elaine G. Avatar
Elaine G.

Very helpful staff and great prices.

Amanda P. Avatar
Amanda P.

Wonderful experience, helpful people, great products!

Rose Z. Avatar
Rose Z.

Great place for deals on furniture! Why drive downtown when this gem is right here in NW SA? Stop in before you buy anywhere else!

James B. Avatar
James B.

very friendly staff and reasonable prices. my truck was loaded quickly and efficiently. All around a great experience!

Jim W. Avatar
Jim W.

Always a great experience!

Donna N. Avatar
Donna N.

Great place with a wonderful selection of items!!! Already enjoying my ottoman/coffee table since my place is so small!! Very helpful staff and super friendly!!

Eddie G. Avatar
Eddie G.

Reasonable prices and huge selection

Barbara B. Avatar
Barbara B.

Best service from beginning to end! I would give them 100+👏👏👏

Arnella M. Avatar
Arnella M.

Lots to choose from and friendly service. Prices are also great!

Sandra T. Avatar
Sandra T.

Everyone is super friendly here the minute you walk in. Prices are great! I will say if you see something you like..get there quick. They really go fast.

Allison M. Avatar
Allison M.

Office furniture and decor

Craig K. Avatar
Craig K.

Awesome items for good prices and great and friendly service.

Jackie L. Avatar
Jackie L.

Awesome items. 2nd time here. Great service and great items available. A must see furniture store. Great deals.

Valerie J. Avatar
Valerie J.

Great customer service & prices!! We furnished a whole bedroom with these guys! So much more than just office furniture! 😊

Dave Avatar

Have purchase several items from them over the years. Jose is very helpful and willing to make a deal. Great inventory and definitely worth checking out in person.

Angela R. Avatar
Angela R.

I purchased a mirror painted with white crackle paint and it hangs beautifully in my bathroom. Thank you so much!

Lorenzo D. Avatar
Lorenzo D.

Great selection, and great service at a great price! That's a lot of great's! 🙂

Emily C. Avatar
Emily C.

Great pricing! Staff is super helpful!!

Sherie L. Avatar
Sherie L.

I just wanted to let you know that I visted your store and was very impressed with the selection and service that I received while I was there. I did make a purchase which required that some of the items be brought from another location and that was done in a timely manner.
I will be back to shop to finish setting up my office.

Sarah R. Avatar
Sarah R.

Great group of people! I've known them for 25 years and have always gotten a good deal on anything I have purchased.

Norma G. Avatar
Norma G.

Bought a nice adjustable desk. Perfect price. They have a large selection of nice furniture. Thank you so much

Catherine L. Avatar
Catherine L.

This is THE place for quality used furniture. Have purchased for my business and home. Anyone that wants high quality furniture for a steal needs to go check it out.

Lisa V. Avatar
Lisa V.

Great selection and very reasonable prices!!! Excellent customer service!

Jason M. Avatar
Jason M.

Shannon S. Avatar
Shannon S.

Good selection and great prices! Thank you for the new-to-me chair!

Cynthia P. Avatar
Cynthia P.

Erik and his team have been wonderful to work with! Great quality at a very good price.... he has always provided exceptional options when trying to furnish a space... Thank you!

Deborah W. Avatar
Deborah W.

Great Office Furniture deals, always getting new stock. I furnished my office here!

Melanie D. Avatar
Melanie D.

Loving my new office chair and some unexpected supplies we found. Great pricing, friendly staff, and a lot more items than you’d expect.

Quincy B. Avatar
Quincy B.

Erik Darmstetter has awesome business. I bought chairs for my Rex Formal Wear Stores at an awesome price.

Chris A. Avatar
Chris A.

Great Location, Amazing Customer service and Selection!!!

Marcus V. Avatar
Marcus V.

Awesome customer service, great selection, and great deals!! Would highly recommend.

Amber P. Avatar
Amber P.

I love this place! Got amazing deals on quality pieces for my office! We have grown and need more...I will be back and highly recommend!

Christopher H. Avatar
Christopher H.

Sent a message to this company late at night on a weekday. Much to my surprise they actually responded to me right away! They obviously can’t do this all the time, but the fact that they responded to me speaks volumes about who they are and how much they care. Because of their willingness to help, we decided to come by today to take a look. They were just as nice and helpful in person as they were over Facebook. We were greeted by a nice young lady. Since we had never been there before, she gave us a quick rundown of the layout and where everything was located. Then we started looking around. The owner took his time to sit and speak with us, talk about the business and showed a genuine interest in helping. Whether you run an office for 100 people or it’s a home office for just yourself, this company has everything you need to ensure you have all the hardware required. Desks and tables of all shapes and sizes, lamps, fixtures, some technology, limited office supplies and even a coffee pot or two. If you need office stuff, this should be your first and only stop. Don’t be intimidated by the liquidator name. We bought one table but I don’t feel like I was treated with any less respect than if I was going to buy 100. Don’t overpay for the stuff you need. While this company may be liquidating office furniture, the quality of the products was top notch. Take a few minutes, stop by this place, chat with the nice people for a few minutes and more importantly, save money on the more important things you need for your office or business. Thanks for all y’alls help! See you again soon!

Maria A. Avatar
Maria A.

I love this store. I save a lot every time I go. Office supplies, furniture and etc.

Tina M. Avatar
Tina M.

The chairs we purchased for our conference table look brand new and the price was excellent!

Adrienne B. Avatar
Adrienne B.

Stephanie S. Avatar
Stephanie S.

Thanks for the beautiful and comfortable chair and for going the extra mile to make sure the filing cabinet was a perfect fit!

Seth T. Avatar
Seth T.

Huge selections of quality office furniture and amazing prices. Don't by new when you can buy nearly new at a fraction of the price. My most recent purchase was a large 3-drawer legal file cabinet. Located, purchased, and loaded in less than 20 mins, priced under $100. I will definitely be back.

Brandy L. Avatar
Brandy L.

This was awesome! Great place for teachers if you need a chair or furniture for your classroom. Thank you guys, we’ll be back!

Mindy D. Avatar
Mindy D.

Loving my new chairs! My team was so excited when I showed up with them!! You guys rock!

Dane B. Avatar
Dane B.

Great experience, great choice, great price. Awesome experience.

Chris Avatar

Huge selection! I just purchased a brand new leather Ergohuman chair for my recording studio. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I appreciate the extra care and service they provide that you don't get at the big national chain stores.
Highly recommended! 🙂

Karly M. Avatar
Karly M.

This place was awesome. Lots to chose from and the prices can’t be beat. The staff was super helpful and friendly. Will be recommending to friends!

James L. Avatar
James L.

Erik and his staff went out of their way to help us get our offices furnished. When there was a mix up he sent one of the guys out with the right part and to help assemble. Great job all around.

Ron T. Avatar
Ron T.

Since I found this place it has become so easy to find replacement furniture and items that can be used throughout the house. Well worth the time and money.

Danise G. Avatar
Danise G.

Awesome people who look after their hard working teachers! Very responsive as well! Thank you!

Luis R. Avatar
Luis R.

Eric and his staff are great, they have really helped me and my office get all pieces that we were looking for. I would highly recommend them and the best part the price is right!!!

Shavonne C. Avatar
Shavonne C.

Great helpful staff! Amazing selection in a clean building with AC! It's the right way to get your money's worth in comfort

Shalom M. Avatar
Shalom M.

Bart C. Avatar
Bart C.

Eric has hit a home run with this business. Go over to his place and check it out.

Brass M. Avatar
Brass M.

Thank you for always taking care of our Tenants! You are saving them a lot of money and time!

Brittany W. Avatar
Brittany W.

Rebecca Z. Avatar
Rebecca Z.

This place is so wonderful. The owner and lady who works there are so accommodating. I got a free, comfortable chair for my lecturn & I purchased a really great chair for my desk. Thank you Furniture Luquidations; you saved this teacher so much money!!

Crystal D. Avatar
Crystal D.

Eric P. Avatar
Eric P.

I purchased really nice furniture for my house here! Top quality items that fill the house with good looks, and the prices are great! I don't even know where I could go to comparison shop. This place is incomparable. A truly wonderful find!

Robin C. Avatar
Robin C.

Thank you so much for the free chair for my classroom!! It is greatly appreciated! I also got a great deal on another chair for my daughter! I'll be back for any and all of my office (& classroom) needs!

Farrin A. Avatar
Farrin A.

When my friend and I arrived we were greeted with a smile and helpful directions on how to navigate the stock. There are so many pieces to choose from! We are both teachers and this business is kind enough to currently offer free office chairs for teachers- we were floored at how many beautiful chairs there were to choose from! I highly recommend this business!

Valerie R. Avatar
Valerie R.

They had an awesome selection of office furniture for good prices. They had a promotion where they gave away free office chairs for teachers and it was so generous of them!

Chrystal B. Avatar
Chrystal B.

We were scared to go because we had already gone to another liquidation place and everything was expensive and damaged. I'm so glad that we gave this place a try. You will not be disappointed. We found a desk, and leather office chair, and a filing cabinet for under $350!!!!

Rebecca G. Avatar
Rebecca G.

Awesome prices and incredible service! It's a hidden gem but the search is definitely worth the effort!!

Sallie D. Avatar
Sallie D.

Office Furniture Liquidation is a great place to find everything you need for the business office, home office or even the church office. They have a Huge selection of office desks, chairs and so much more. The prices are budget friendly. We found several pieces to furnish and accessorize our establishment. Top quality merchandise. Unique one of a kind items. If you haven't been to OFL, you need to get there. You'll be glad you did. Nice environment to shop in. I'm a very satisfied customer.

Jennifer P. Avatar
Jennifer P.

Love love love my chair! Great quality, Great price, great service.

Ryan L. Avatar
Ryan L.

This is my first stop when shopping for office furniture! Great to work with and easy on the budget.

Drake W. Avatar
Drake W.

This place was AMAZING! Great options and wonderful prices. Staff goes above & beyond to help you with what you need & load up. I'd definitely recommend them & go back in the future. You won't be disappointed!

Robert B. Avatar
Robert B.

Michaelangelo C. Avatar
Michaelangelo C.

Martha M. Avatar
Martha M.

Karl R. Avatar
Karl R.

I found this place almost 20 years ago when I started business, although I haven't had much need to go back since, the solid mahogany desk and credenza I bought from them is still in daily use.
I found they had a huge selection and excellent prices and my key find was the school teachers mail slot piece that I got from them. I turned it sideways and it was perfect to hold my colored paper selection for my customers to browse.
It is a tad difficult to get into the facility but it is worth it.

Danika W. Avatar
Danika W.

As a band director, I am always looking for a way to make my classroom work better. Binders, lateral filing cabinets, bulletin boards and miscellaneous office supplies have all found their way into my classroom over the past two years. The best part? Office Furniture Liquidations prices mean that I can afford to make my classroom work better!

Kris D. Avatar
Kris D.

Melendez J. Avatar
Melendez J.

Erik is amazing! Very kind and willing to help us in our search! Got exactly what I needed & wanted!!!

Vardan Avatar

Excellent customer service! It is rare these days to find a store with customer friendly sales person and owner. Stuart (sales person) and Mark (owner) went out of their way to make sure I was happy with my purchase. I highly recommend this store, they have great products, great prices, and great customer service.

Roland G. Avatar
Roland G.

Found a great desk and credenza here. By far the best place to look for office furniture in town. Huge selection and plenty of styles.

Michael P. Avatar
Michael P.

Monica L. Avatar
Monica L.

Exceptional customer service and a great price! So excited to see our new home office come together.

Marco B. Avatar
Marco B.

One of the Best Places to look for furniture, chairs, desks and lots of great looking filing cabinets and bookcases. Come check this place first. ASK for Erik.

Nan P. Avatar
Nan P.

Expensive showrooms mean expensive prices for customers. Erik and his team will help you outfit your office for a significant discount. It's a casual environment to try items out, find a great chair, desk, technology, filing cabinets and just about anything else for an amazing price. His inventory includes Herman Miller, Steelcase, Hayworth, HumanScale and a number of quality brands. If you need a cheap chair for your hunting blind, he's got those, too. If you like getting deals on great items, come here.

Holly D. Avatar
Holly D.

They have everything for your office here!! Come by and check them out

Phillip D. Avatar
Phillip D.

Shanna R. Avatar
Shanna R.

Lydia H. Avatar
Lydia H.

Linda F. Avatar
Linda F.

Found the absolute perfect desk for our home office. We are so pleased with our purchase! We were there at noon and had it delivered to our home in Canyon Lake by 3pm. We even found 2 chairs!! Erik - you are great to work with. I am glad we stopped by!!

Wendy L. Avatar
Wendy L.

Thank you so much in helping us fill up two classrooms with awesome desk! Awesome prices every time!

Catherine L. Avatar
Catherine L.

Great selection & great quality. Exception service & pricing. Come here 1st before you buy from a big box retailer. I highly recommend.

Matthew M. Avatar
Matthew M.

Awesome service. Great response time and very insightful information.

Nancy B. Avatar
Nancy B.

We got all new waiting room furniture for a GREAT deal! Excellent service, super helpful staff. 🙂

Juan A. Avatar
Juan A.

I just bought an awesome bar height round table. Service is great. We will be back.

George M. Avatar
George M.

LaWanna W. Avatar
LaWanna W.

What a fantastic place! All kinds of chairs, desks, file cabinets and everything in between. If you are opening a business or just need one more item for your home, this place is just what you need. Erik was a pleasure. He knows his stuff!

Laurina A. Avatar
Laurina A.

I enjoyed being able to still have money, after purchasing my new desk! Thanks Eric.

Cavazos C. Avatar
Cavazos C.

Great quality stuff at a reasonable price! Awesome customer service too!

Erica V. Avatar
Erica V.

Lori S. Avatar
Lori S.

Excellent variety of office furniture and supplies !!

Charles D. Avatar
Charles D.

Erik runs a first class business. He is always prompt and is familiar with his inventory. For those of you who have crazy hours, he will meet you early or late, to get you what you need. Of course, you will save a ton of dough. I would recommend that anyone who is in the need for nice office furniture, come check him out first!!!

Sandra L. Avatar
Sandra L.

Extraordinary selection and high-end quality! And for someone who lives 3,000 miles away, my shipment was immaculately wrapped, secured and shipped in a efficient and timely manner. Arrived in meticulous condition and it looks GORGEOUS in our home! Thank you Erik Darmstetter and Deals by 2. You've always promised a lot, and delivered more! Appreciate your immediate response to my request and your speedy service. Artwork is priceless, and I got it at a fantastic bargain!!! I'm keeping my eyes open on all future postings.

Marissa M. Avatar
Marissa M.