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Meyer S. Avatar
Meyer S.

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Juan G. Avatar
Juan G.

Great staff I highly recommend this place.

Ram J. Avatar
Ram J.

Thank you Jack and Dillion! Awesome service! Thank you! You guys 🎸 Rock! I totally Recommend #OfficeFurnituteLiquidations

Cyndi V. Avatar
Cyndi V.

Martin and Bedo were awesome. made sure everything was set up right..Terrific customer service both delivery and store.Great place!

Marta N. Avatar
Marta N.

Great customer service and prices!

Jose A. Avatar
Jose A.

Everyone is very helpful and polite.
Great display areas as well as an abundant supply of furniture. I go back all the time.

Priscilla M. Avatar
Priscilla M.

Always patient , helpful, I get fast responses when I message for additional information!! Good business

Natalie S. Avatar
Natalie S.

I definitely will go back! Found some really great furniture to build up my dining and living room. Keeping and 👁 on that picnic table. 😎

Teri S. Avatar
Teri S.

Great experience from the greeter at the front door to the loader in the back! Will definitely be back for my future office furniture needs!

Charlie L. Avatar
Charlie L.

great service, large selection, @ good environment to select products