Office Furniture Liquidations is the only place to shop for office furniture in San Antonio. They have stocked two floors of an office building with all kinds of chairs, desks, tables, shelves, pictures–everything that an entity needs at a fraction of the price. It’s an amazing place to shop for office furniture. If you’re a business or organization looking to furnish your office, I recommend that you prepare a list of your needs; you will be busy because the selections are awesome. Pricing alone is dazzling. For instance, I priced an ergonomic swivel chair for my small business for around $40 where the same chair starts at $200 in other places. Nevertheless, go here before you go anywhere else to shop.

Erik Darmstetter and his team are passionate about delivering high quality furniture and crazy low prices. Sure, you can go to a big box store and buy a cheap desk or chair, but then you actually have to use it. The furniture and office supplies at Office Furniture Liquidations are world-class products at dramatic discounts that save you a boatload of cash. They also have an amazing partnership with non-profits. If you have a company that is replacing their furniture and need to have it removed, talk to Office Furniture Liquidations about their donation program that can help your company and the community.

Need for a simple desk and chair. Was indeed shocked by the volume of choice and really low prices. It’s a true liquidation business. Was a no hassle experience. It’s an easy in-and-out kind of place. Everyone was really friendly.

Came across an ad of their’s on Craigslist and was not disappointed in the results. There were a lot of choices of desks, chairs, and cabinets in varying used conditions. Nothing I saw showed obvious signs of overuse or was broken. The prices felt fair to each piece. All furniture was from professional offices or hotels so the pieces are of much higher quality than what a typical office supply store would offer. The employees are friendly and listen to what you’re looking for. They will even load your items into your vehicle or deliver.