4 ft x 8 ft White Wall Mount Dry Erase Board




Wall Mount Dry Erase Board
We often have a variety of this product.

Stock availability varies. This listed product page is not for the specific items in the photo, but to show the price of dry erase boards for the 4 foot by 8 foot size only.

Color/Finish: usually white dry erase with a silver frame. May have a small shelf.
Consignment Code: varies
USED Condition Rating: varies with product.

Item Condition Rating
10: Like New! Often an unused, discontinued item.
8: Good! Great!
6: Okay, has more than a few flaws.
4: Seriously scratched and dented…
2: Badger bite deal (Not usually on the website, buy in store please.)
We don’t sell zeros…. They get recycled!

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