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Reduced landfill waste

April 21, 2021

For Immediate Release

Contact : Jill Byrd, 210-501-4288

Office Furniture Liquidations Reduces Landfill Waste
Liquidated high-quality office and hotel furniture available as businesses reopen post-pandemic

SAN ANTONIO — Office Furniture Liquidations reduced landfill waste by more than 200,000 cubic feet since January 2021. All high-quality, commercial grade office furniture, hotel furniture, and supplies that have been liquidated are sold at significantly reduced retail prices and saved from undeservedly entering a landfill.

Furniture that comes to Office Furniture Liquidations (OFL) is reviewed prior to arriving on the showroom floor. OFL keeps only the highest quality items for resale, and many times these items would have normally been disposed of during an office, business or hotel liquidation or remodel. According to 2018 research by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), each year, Americans throw out more than 12 million tons of furniture and furnishings, and of that, more than 9.6 million tons of furniture were landfilled.

“Our business model has helped businesses downsize their office space and employees create productive work-from-home offices,” OFL CEO Erik Darmstetter. “In doing so, we have been able to make an impact our regional environmental footprint by saving high-quality furniture and reduce the amount of unnecessary waste from entering the landfill. And in 2021 we are seeing our numbers significantly increase.”

Since January 1, OFL has liquidated the following items from business and hotels for its 45,000 square foot showroom to resell the office items that are in highest demand at a time when businesses are ramping up to reopen and relaunch following the global health pandemic.

115+ — 26’ truckloads of furniture have arrived
100+ — laminate files saved from disposal
100+ — height adjustable desks
200+ — pieces of assorted hotel furniture
300+ — Varidesks or height-adjustable desks
500+ — whiteboards of various sizes
600+ — metal file cabinets saved from disposal
1000+ — laminate bookcases saved from disposal
1700+ — task and guest chairs have been saved from disposal
2000+ — desks have been saved from disposal
All cardboard is reused for customer carry outs and delivery

“The past year we have seen significant shifts in the needs and demands of businesses. We understand what businesses have faced and what consumers need and are looking for,” Darmstetter said. “We are able to secure and sell products that most individual consumers cannot find at a fraction of the new, retail price. And as more businesses begin to reopen or as more professionals shift to a work-from-home environment, consumers can now purchase high-quality, lightly used and professionally cleaned office furniture, while protecting our planet now and into the future.”

About Office Furniture Liquidations
Founded in 2014, Office Furniture Liquidations offers commercial grade office and hotel furniture designed to outfit an office with desks, chairs, tables, bookcases, file cabinets, supplies, and more. Premium prices were already paid by the original owners, so buyers of liquidation items receive significant discounts while getting many years of useful life out of the products. Visit us at our 45,000 square foot showroom in San Antonio, at, or on Facebook.