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Customers to wear masks

March 9, 2021

Many local businesses still requiring customers to wear masks after mandate is lifted, News4SA, Joe Galli

The statewide mask mandate expires tomorrow, but a number of major business owners in the San Antonio area are still going to ask you and their employees to continue to mask up.

From what I’ve been able to gather, there is a much higher percentage of businesses that are going to be asking people to continue to wear masks, especially national chains, but also local mom and pop shops.

“We want to do everything we can to keep people including our employees safe as possible,” said Nan Palmero, director of marketing, Office Furniture Liquidations.

Office Furniture Liquidations will continue:
😷 Requiring customers wear masks
💧 Requiring customers sanitize at entry
📱 Offering mobile payments
👨‍💻 Updating all-day M-F
🤳🏼 Offering FaceTime/Google Duo shopping
🚚 Delivering to homes and offices

We will continue to offer the same high level of service as we’ve done throughout the pandemic and we will look for more ways to bring joy and delight to the experience while keeping people in our store as safe as possible.

These requirements remain the same since they were implemented in June 2020. We will continue following the guidance of the CDC and medical experts.